Carson Taylor Appears on “Veterinarian Success” Podcast

VetValue’s very own Carson Taylor appeared on the popular “Veterinarian Success” podcast with Isaiah Douglass. Carson shared his experience in investment banking and interest in the veterinary space.

Carson makes some important claims in this broadcast about the opportunity that currently exists for veterinarians and why it’s important to know the value of your practice.

“There’s a lot of work to properly value a business: you have to collect data, go through it, it’s hard work and it takes time, and time costs money. People with the kind of skills that can appropriately praise or value a business have to spend years learning those skills and those services do not come cheap.”

There’s more testimony about how VetValue levels the playing field for veterinarians when it comes to negotiating the sale of practices.

“Now, I’ve worked with a lot of private equity firms. I know that they are sharp and they all know how to do deals – that’s what they do. They know all the tricks for finding good deals and papering and closing those deals. So, to me, that wasn’t a fair situation. You’ve got a veterinarian with a local lawyer negotiating a deal for a once in a lifetime transaction with a private equity-backed consolidator.”‍

Listen to the full episode at

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