About Us

Our Mission

  • Empowering veterinary practice owners throughout their ownership journey

Our Core Values

  • Put our client’s interests first, always
  • Behave honestly, transparently and in good faith
  • Strive always for excellence
  • Treat others with respect
  • Lead by example
  • Positively impact others

Meet The Team

Brain Cavanaugh

Carson Taylor

Tracey Winfree

Matt Sonnenberg

Jerry Marcus

We’ve Learned From The Best

  • A decade of experience analyzing the best performing veterinary practices in the US

General Practice Client Cohort

Low Mean Median High
# of FTE DVM’s 2.0 2.9 2.7 4.5
LTM Revenue ($1,000s) $1,417 $3,076 $2,622 $4,859
LTM Rev Growth 6.0% 30.6% 26.2% 56.0%
LTM EBITDA % 20.5% 30.0% 28.3% 48.9%
Rev/DVM ($1,000s) $672 $1,005 $959 $1,619
Specialty-Emergency Practice Client Cohort
Low Mean Median High
# of FTE DVM’s 4.0 12.3 12.8 21.0
LTM Revenue ($1,000s) $2,494 $10,409 $9,795 $21,500
LTM Rev Growth 5.0% 13.1% 11.5% 27.5%
LTM EBITDA % 21.8% 28.4% 26.1% 44.4%
Rev/DVM ($1,000s) $623 $790 $775 $1,023
  • Years of observations have informed our understanding of both best practices and achievable performance metrics

This Expertise Informs The EcoSystem

  • Best practice resources
  • Superior data analytics
  • Proven, complementary learning environments
  • Recognition of the virtuous cycle between sustainable qualitative and quantitative success
This team is excellent — they are great advisors, worked tirelessly, enabling me to focus on what I’m trained for, and delivered truly outstanding results.

Tim Stiff, DVM

Co-Owner, Animal Emergency Clinic

After building a successful practice, it became important for me to find a business partner to sustain the business while I focused more on my clinical work and our young family.  Brian, Carson and the team did such a wonderful job of listening to what was important to us and helping us find just the right partner.  With the business burden off of my shoulders, I now plan to continue my clinical work for a longer period of time than I had originally intended.

Melanie Keller, DVM

Co-Owner, Simpsonville Animal Hosptial