Practice valuations needed an upgrade 

How can I increase the value of my practice?

Strategic Planning benefits from data that guides you. Our valuation reports are comprehensive, providing actionable intelligence regarding KPI benchmarking, value drivers and tax issues that are critical to your strategic planning. They are inexpensive and fast and easy to obtain, maing it easier to periodically obtain an updated report to track your practice's progress and the market conditions.

What is my practice worth in the market today?

Exit Planning requires both an understanding of what your practice is worth and why that is the case, along with tax analysis that helps you plan intelligently. Our valuation reports are the most accurate in the industry and help you understand the tax issues you may face. Our valuations use the same methodology corporate buyers employ to evaluate a practice for potential purchase. Know what you are getting into before you make your move.

Why we are different

We have combined our practice valuation expertise with our proprietary database of over $1 billion of veterinary practice sales to create the most accurate valuations available in the market.  We've also made it easy and inexpensive. You can start with a free valuation, and then decide if you would like to invest in a comprehensive valuation report.

We respect your time

  • No more long phone calls, email chains and meetings
  • Work at your own pace in our secure portal, via phone, tablet or computer
  • Enlist the support of your designee (e.g., bookkeeper, practice manager)
  • Get a valuation in minutes to hours, not weeks

We respect your wallet

Practice valuation (sometimes referred to as "appraisal") reports can cost up to $10,000 or more. We offer a free valuation or two affordable valuation analyses (beginning at $999, before discounts):

Free & Easy Valuation - Our F&E Valuation is a rough estimate of practice value: its free and takes only 5 minutes

Free & Easy Valuation Report Excerpt

APVAR - Our Accurate Practice Valuation Analysis Report offers fully "do it yourself" data submission and report interpretation

CAPVAR - Our Comprehensive Accurate Practice Valuation Analysis Report offers guided data submission and guided report interpretation. It can also be used to secure VetValue's Practice Sale Price Guarantee, in conjunction with VetValue Connect's Full Service Brokerage.