Practice valuations needed an upgrade 

Strategic Planning requires a valuation that is comprehensive but clear, and easy enough to complete regularly. The price must fit a small business owner’s budget.    

Exit Planning requires a valuation that can identify a strong seller’s market and uses the methodology a buyer will use to evaluate a practice for potential purchase. 

Practice Valuations are our core business

For CPAs, or Brokers, or Practice buyers, valuations are an ancillary product, a side offering to the core product of tax work, practice sales, or practice ownership.

Appraisals provided by CPA firms are comprehensive but too time consuming to complete and too expensive for practice owners to use regularly. 

“Free” valuations provided by brokers, and even buyers are not offered for the purpose of strategic planning, and may hurt a practice owner’s ability to successfully transition a practice. 

Why we are different

We have applied our knowledge of financial valuation with proprietary market data to build a new model - a valuation that is easy enough to be used for Strategic Planning, yet tuned to the market for practice sales.  See our difference:

We have upgraded the veterinary practice valuation process and product

Our stand-alone valuations offer an independent view-point.  To us, valuations are not a “loss leading” product. What you see is what you get with no strings attached.  

The valuation process to suit a busy veterinary practice owner

  • No more long phone calls, inefficient email traffic or diligence lists
  • Work at your own pace in our secure portal with support from a book-keeper or practice manager
  • Get a valuation in hours, or even minutes, not weeks

The valuation product to meet your needs

  • Easy to understand, concise read-outs made for veterinarians
  • Market leading analytical and theoretical rigor
  • Powered by data from hundreds of millions of dollars of completed veterinary practice transitions – we know the current market and how corporate buyers value practices better than anyone

Our Formula for Success is Simple

The Theory of Valuation

40 years of experience in Financial Markets and Business Valuation

Unique Perspective

First-hand experience with veterinary practice buyers

Industry Expertise

15 years of experience in the veterinary industry

Proprietary Data

$750 Million of Veterinary Practice Sales Closed


25 years of experience in tech

"VetValue’s Detailed Valuation Report is a game-changing product. It provided me an excellent return on my investment! I highly recommend it to any practice owner."