Dear Veterinary Practice Owner,

If you are an independent veterinary practice owner and, on this page, you got here because you are contemplating a sale of your practice to a DVM.  Please read the following straight talk on the practice sale process before you do anything else.

The Good News…

Now is a great time to be a veterinarian, even more so if you are a veterinary practice owner.  Market sentiment regarding the future of pet healthcare is as bullish as it has ever been.  If you own a high-quality veterinary practice you almost certainly have many attractive options that will allow you to achieve your financial and career goals. 

The Bad News…

You have one chance to sell your practice and the stakes are very high.  It is very easy to sell your practice for less than it is really worth, and hard to capture all the value you have created.  

Ask Why

Does it make sense to sell your practice to another veterinarian?  If your practice has more than $1.5 million of revenue and more than 1 full time equivalent DVM (based on W-2’s), there is almost certainly a corporate buyer for your practice.  Corporate buyers are almost always able to pay more for practices than individuals, and they are less likely to waste your time.  Given this fact, are there considerations or contingencies that make selling to another veterinarian attractive?

If you decide to sell to another DVM, one of your associates, or family member you should make sure you understand all of the options and potential trade-offs.  Since this may not be the most advantageous transaction economically for you, you should know exactly what you are giving up.  

The principals at are experts and innovators in veterinary practice transitions and can provide you with an understanding of what your practice might be worth in the market. Through this process you can develop a better understanding of the financial cost of a transition to another veterinarian or an associate.  

Why get a Practice Valuation?

Practice valuation is built over years or decades. Even if you don't plan on selling your practice this year, VetValue's practice valuation can help you meet your future goals. Register today to see what VetValue can do for you — you won't be disappointed.