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Get the most out of Selling your Veterinary Practice (2 of 3)
September 7, 2022

Part 2 of How to get the most out of selling your veterinary practice. Read the article to learn about how to assess experts that can help you in a practice sale

Get the most out of Selling your Veterinary Practice (1 of 3)
August 31, 2022

People and incentives make all the difference. Part one of How to Get the Most of or Your Practice Sale Advisors.

Veterinary Practice Consolidation – Joint Venture Equity
May 19, 2022

Key terms to consider when entering into a JV agreement with a private equity backed corporate veterinary consolidator

Veterinary Practice Consolidation – Corporate Equity
April 18, 2022

Thinking about taking corporate equity as consideration in a practice sale? Here are some things to consider carefully.

Buying a Veterinary Practice - Where to Look
April 5, 2022

DVM searching to buy veterinary practices will face less competition from corporate in certain situations. Read about the considerations and benefits

Why You Can’t Buy Some Veterinary Practices
February 7, 2022

Why DVMs can't buy multi-DVM veterinary practices and shouldn't try

Five Tips and Tools for Recruiting Veterinarians
January 27, 2022

Read about some best practices for recruiting DVMs for independent practice owners

Dispelling Myths about How to Sell a Veterinary Practice
January 19, 2022

We address some common, but erroneous beliefs on the process of selling a veterinary practice.

How to Sell my Veterinary Practice More Effectively
January 2, 2022

Learn how to optimize your veterinary practice sale

Associate Buy-ins – An Unfair Fight
December 6, 2021

We reference a simplified (and dated) framework for veterinary practice valuation to show why corporates are able to pay more for most veterinary practices

Why Hire a Financial Advisor?
November 29, 2021

The case for why a 3rd party financial advisor is a critical member of your veterinary practice sale transaction team

How to Grow Your Veterinary Practice
July 13, 2021

Veterinary practice owners have many business concerns. Their foremost worry is typically making sure their clinics are delivering compassionate, medically excellent care to their patients and convenience and value to their owners.

Basics of Veterinary Practice Valuation
July 9, 2021

In order to protect, grow and eventually realize this value, animal hospital owners must know how potential acquirers will determine what their hospital is worth.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Veterinary Practice
July 9, 2021

Practice owners who have made the decision to sell need to understand the do’s and don’ts of the sale process.

How Do I Sell a Single Veterinarian Practice?
May 28, 2021

How Do I Sell a Single Veterinarian Practice? The solo vet and veterinary industry consolidation

Should I Sell My Veterinary Practice - Another Approach
May 12, 2021

Do I sell or do I stay independent? Your decision should be based on sound cost benefit analysis plus your best expectations for the future. We show you how to think about how you can maximize your career earnings in veterinary medicine.

Overview of Veterinary Practice Consolidators
April 20, 2021

A summary of's review of veterinary practice consolidators. Learn what we found!

How Buyers Establish a Veterinary Practice Multiple
March 3, 2021

A framework for how sophisticated buyers of veterinary practices select a valuation multiple. You will be surprised how much of a role experience must play.

Normalized EBITDA in Veterinary Practice Valuation
March 2, 2021

How sophisticated buyers of veterinary practices calculate EBITDA. Learn why it's not simple algebra.

Veterinary Practice Valuation Multiples in Context
March 2, 2021

Useful context for evaluating veterinary practice multiples, and valuation multiples. Learn how the market uses valuation multiples and how it can help you!

Veterinary Practice Valuation Methods
March 2, 2021

Basic valuation techniques for valuing a veterinary practice. Learn why a valuation may be a poor predictor of your sale price.

Veterinary Practice Brokers - Why You Need an Advisor p3
February 2, 2021

How a practice seller can best align a broker's incentives with her own in a veterinary practice sale. Read our best practices

Veterinary Practice Brokers - Why You Need an Advisor p2
February 2, 2021

How should an independent veterinary practice find a broker to manage a practice sale? Find out how private equity firms do it.

Veterinary Practice Brokers - Why You Need an Advisor p1
January 28, 2021

A broker can add significant value to the practice sale process for a selling veterinarian. Learn why you need to hire a broker who has an advisor mindset.

Why is Private Equity Acquiring Veterinary Practices?
November 23, 2020

The roll-up of veterinary practics is a higher return / lower risk acquisition strategy for private equity. Learn what is driving record private equity interest in veterinary.

Is 2021 the Year to Sell My Veterinary Practice?
November 16, 2020

Your objective in a practice sale and your preparedness should guide the timing of a sale. Are you ready to sell your practice?

Carson Taylor Appears on “Veterinarian Success” Podcast
November 13, 2020

VetValue’s very own Carson Taylor appeared on the popular “Veterinarian Success” podcast with Isaiah Douglass. Carson shared his experience in investment banking and interest in the veterinary space. 

August 2020 Market Update: The Corona Effect
September 27, 2020

Public equity markets in the United States have staged a remarkable comeback from their swoon at the time of our last update in March, 2020. Indeed, all the major averages shrugged off the to-date impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and powered to new all-time highs in August. 

Veterinary Practice Valuation Basics for Sale Preparation
September 12, 2020

There are many providers of veterinary practice appraisals. Learn who the right party is for you and what to expect.

Selling My Veterinary Practice – The Basics
February 21, 2019

The practice transition process explained for veterinarians. Understand how to guide the efforts of your advisors to optimize your practice sale outcome.

Veterinary Practice Valuation in a Sale Context
February 21, 2019

What a veterinary practice is worth, and what it will be sold for is not the same answer. Read why an appraisal may under-estimate your practice's value .

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